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About the Z Girls

Z Girls is a strategy based RPG (Role-Playing Game) developed by Star Ring Game Limited and Blue Ultra Game Limited. It is a good and addictive game with stunning 2D graphics and beautiful anime-style characters. In this game, you have to play the role of the Commander of the zombie Anhilliation army and also have to create a Z Girls army to fight against the hoards of the zombies. Plan and Construct various buildings and research centers to increase the production of weapons and defense power. Also, you have to choose captains to lead the battalion of your troops. these captains or leaders are beautiful Z Girls and you have to impress them and convince them to lead your Zombie Anhilliation army. You can also date with each Z Girl and make her feel special afterall the main moto is to save the world from Zombies and you have to do whatever it takes. You can find these Z Girls in the Dorm and you can visit there to date them build a relationship and to increase the affection. When the bonding level and affection level reaches a particular level then you can take these girls with you to make them the leaders of your Army. There are several ways to increase the affection level. You can give them gifts and several rewards by killing zombies as they produce fuel and food resources. Zombies can be killed by just touching them on the screen and in return, you can collect various gifts and rewards which can be used to please and satisfy Z Girls.

Features of the Z Girls

  • Produce essential goods by setting up buildings and manufacture lethal weapons to increase your fighting power.
  • Play with your friends and compete with other players from around the globe.
  • A variety of modes like Events and Quest helps you to earn more gifts and rewards.
  • Customize and upgrade your base to handle and bear deadly attacks of zombies.
  • Stunning 2D graphics and easy touch controls.
  • Beautiful and cute anime-style characters and Z Girls.

Features of the Z Girls Mod APK

  • You can shop for free with Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Buy all premium stuff for free.
  • VIP 12 is also unlocked, now your troops will run faster and can eliminate zombies in seconds.
  • Farmland, Forests and all lands are already unlocked for you.
  • Safer and smoother gameplay.
  • Works properly on non-rooted devices.
  • Supports all android versions.
  • All locked features are now unlocked.

Download the Z Girls Mod APK and Install?

Downloading the Mod APK of Z Girls is not a tedious task, all you need to do is download it from the above link. Once you have downloaded the APK, here are steps you need to follow in order to install it on your Android device:

  1. Allow Unknown Sources: You must allow Unknown Sources before you start installing the APK, To do that, Go to your Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, And enable the Unknown Sources option.
  2. Find and Install the APK: You must find the APK file that you have just downloaded which you can do by going to your download folder or simply by checking your browser’s download area where the download records are stored. Once you have located the file you need to click on it and Install it.
  3. Within a minute or two, the Mod APK of that App will be installed on your Android Device and you are now good to go for Enjoying the Mod features.

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