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Maintain Privacy By Using Orfox APK

Orfox apk is an Android Browser and the same source code can be used just like Tor Browser. You get the fine few tweaks which make you browsing more secure and safer. For using Orfox apk, you need to install the official application Orbot Proxy before. Tor project recommends Orfox apk for utilizing on android the privacy protections of Tor. For experiencing private browsing with no tracking, censorship or surveillance, download the Tor Browser from Google Play for Android. Orfox apk is also build from the source code same as Tor Browser just with minor modifications to the features of privacy enhancement. This makes it compatible with the Android operating system or Firefox for Android.

Orfox APK

Features –


  • Orbot App – Orbot app is required by Orfox apk for android for connecting the Tor Network.
  • Tor Browser – the design Goals of the Tor browser can be adhered to by supporting the actual code. The work also gets extended in the android components of Firefox for Android. It also includes HTTPSEverywhere and NoScript add-ons built-in.
  • Privacy –  the tor software helps in the protection of bouncing the communication around the distributed network of the relays which are run by the volunteers all over the world. It also helps in preventing anyone from watching the internet connection from knowing which sites you are visiting. It helps in preventing the sites from learning the physical location. This will also let you know have access to the sites which are blocked.
  • System requirement –  for downloading Orfox apk, you need android 4.0.3 +


The latest version of Orfox apk is Orfox Final RIP. It helps to prevent anyone from having access to what sites you have access to. Easily download Orfox apk and use the different features for browsing anything you want.


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