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                             Stream Your Favorite Movie On Dixmax apk Without Registration


Dixmax apk is an application in which you can stream the movies and series on your android device. You can watch all the movies at your convenience. You can watch the classics as well as the latest release on Dixmax apk. Well, on the main tab you can have a look at the famous content which includes series as well as movies. When you tap on the image of the series and movie, you can check for more information about it. Dixmax apk is a great application for those who love to binge series and movies.

Dixmax APK



  • Language – When you tap on the movies and series you can choose the language which you like to watch. You will just have to tap once, after that the video can be streamed.
  • Download file – The file can also be downloaded directly on your android device. You can watch your favorite movie or series offline.
  • Track – The account can be created by which you can track the series and movies you are watching.  
  • Guest mode – The app can also be used in the guest mode. It is useful in this mode if you do not want to register yourself and you can watch anything you want without any registration. Well, in this you will not get the personalized recommendation in this mode.


You will not like to buy a subscription of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. So, this is the reason. Dixmax apk is very helpful for you where there is no need to get the subscription and you can watch your favorite show. You will find the best TV series in Dixmax apk in different quality. You can choose the quality at which you want to watch. Stream your favorite show in Dixmax apk.

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