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About the Battle Cats

Battle Cats is a simple 2D free Game developed by PONOS Corporation. It was released for Android and iOS on 17 September 2014. It is a simple and fun game with 2D and minimalistic graphics. In this game, you have to select a team of lethal and deadly cats to defend the tower which is known as ‘Cat Base’ so basically you need to defend the Cat base with the help of your Cat army from the hoards of enemies. This game starts with the setup where we can find the Cat base on the right side of the screen and the enemy base on the left side of the screen. Enemy base periodically sends their troops to destroy the cat base and you have to send your cat army to fight those troops and stop them to destroy your base. Fight back and destroy the base of the enemy. players have to constantly upgrade the level of the tower in between fight to make it more strong and durable. Also, there is a cannon situated at the top of the cat base which is available for a certain time and there is a line marked between these 2 bases which denote the usage of this cannon. As enemies cross this line you can shoot the laser blast of the cannon and boom it will clear all the enemies in a one go depending upon the power of the cannon. The Controls are very handy and easy if you have to upgrade the level of the Cat base just click on the bottom left corner and if you have to shoot the laser on the enemies just click on the right bottom corner and to select the type of troop cat you want to send in the battlefield just click on the Bottom bar where all type of cats are available that you have equipped. It is a strategy based game in which player needs to choose their troops wisely as many cats have special powers to defeat special and unique enemies.

Features of the Battle Cats

  • Experience the funny, Simple and 2D graphics.
  • Easy controls and mechanics.
  • Different and interactive stages and battlefields to fight.
  • Players can upgrade the level of the cats and make them even more stronger.
  • Variety of Cats with different metas and body structure like some cats are tall and have very long legs some are short but have good fighting skills and many more.
  • Customize the Cannon to increase its fire power, ability, and special attacks like  freeze, slow, knockback, barrier breaker, holy blast, water blast etc.

Features of the Battle Cats Mod APK

  • Unlimited Cat food
  • Unlimited money to deploy more and more cats early in the fight
  • Safer and smoother gameplay.
  • Works properly on non-rooted devices.
  • Supports all android versions.
  • All locked features are now unlocked.

Download the Battle Cats Mod APK and Install?

Downloading the Mod APK of Battle Cats is not a tedious task, all you need to do is download it from the above link. Once you have downloaded the APK, here are steps you need to follow in order to install it on your Android device:

  1. Allow Unknown Sources: You must allow Unknown Sources before you start installing the APK, To do that, Go to your Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, And enable the Unknown Sources option.
  2. Find and Install the APK: You must find the APK file that you have just downloaded which you can do by going to your download folder or simply by checking your browser’s download area where the download records are stored. Once you have located the file you need to click on it and Install it.
  3. Within a minute or two, the Mod APK of that App will be installed on your Android Device and you are now good to go for Enjoying the Mod features.

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