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About the AFK Arena

AFK Arena is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) strategy-based game. It is developed by Lilith Games. Step into the world of breathtaking artistic beauty and jawsome anime-style characters. The game starts in Esperia, a land known for its beauty, wealth and mesmerizing landscapes. Esperia is a heaven-like place in the game but some bad spirits want to destroy Esperia. It was not peaceful anymore because of the destruction caused by the Hypogeans. They all are highly trained evil assassins, they destroy every piece of land they go through by assassinating everything and everyone. You have to make a team and forge them to fight against these evil spirits who want to destroy Esperia’s existence. You just need to make a team of 5 heroes and they will be the saviours of Esperia. Train them well to fight against Hypogeans. You can also play a story-based campaign which is all about saving Esperia along with different challenges to gain more and more rewards. In order to train your team members and to upgrade their level, you need experience points and that can be gained by completing challenges and missions. Choose your favorite hero from the collection of Over 50 heroes and train them hard to be invincible in front of enemies. Also, try some legendary heroes like Saveas and Arden who can help you to get through initial fights and help you earn rewards to build your favorite team. The characters will move according to the AI of the game so just sit back and enjoy the fights as your player will automatically fire, attack, defend, block and go through every fight. Even if you are not playing the game they can fight to generate rewards and wealth to bring a treasure worth. The characters look so beautiful and contain so many details especially the female characters they contain realistic details and features. The game is quite addictive and you can spend hours on this game without getting bored.

Features of the AFK Arena

  • Play with Over 50 plus characters and recruit the best ones in your team.
  • Stunning characters and amazing graphics and artwork.
  • Beautiful and Userfriendly UI and Jaw-dropping landscapes.
  • Feel the amazing realism by playing story campaign mode as you have to play the game as per the story
  • Collect Experience points to train and upgrade your characters.
  • AI Fighting controls so that you can relax and enjoy the fights.

Features of the AFK Arena Mod APK

  • Unlimited Coins and Diamonds for in-app purchases.
  • Now all your favorite characters are unlocked, you can select and recruit any character.
  • Unlimited dust to upgrade your characters
  • Safer and smoother gameplay.
  • Works properly on non-rooted devices.
  • Supports all android versions.
  • All locked features are now unlocked.

Download the AFK Arena Mod APK and Install?

Downloading the Mod APK of AFK Arena is not a tedious task, all you need to do is download it from the above link. Once you have downloaded the APK, here are steps you need to follow in order to install it on your Android device:

  1. Allow Unknown Sources: You must allow Unknown Sources before you start installing the APK, To do that, Go to your Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, And enable the Unknown Sources option.
  2. Find and Install the APK: You must find the APK file that you have just downloaded which you can do by going to your download folder or simply by checking your browser’s download area where the download records are stored. Once you have located the file you need to click on it and Install it.
  3. Within a minute or two, the Mod APK of that App will be installed on your Android Device and you are now good to go for Enjoying the Mod features.

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