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Nova TV: A Newer Fork of Terrarium TV 

NOVA Television can be said as a newer fork of Terrarium TV, and it is one of the best streaming apk which contains a solid library of popular TV shows and popular movies. From this long list of the library of popular TV shows and movies, customers can easily choose from it. Now it is working excellently and fabulously. The NOVA TV network was launched on 16 July 1994, a free to air TV network in Bulgaria. NOVA TV is an Android application that provides TV shows and movies free in HD quality. It has lots of amazing sources for TV shows and movies as well as it is clutter-free and stunning. NOVA TV is an app, which allows watching TV shows and movies free online. It works on Android TV, Android Phone, etc. An advanced download manager is required to download the content from NOVA TV.

nova tv

Amazing Features of NOVA TV


  • It has an in-built media player; Chrome- cast support, etc. 
  • It can easily sub-titles in many languages and streaming can also be done easily in HD. 
  • The app of NOVA TV is mainly divided into two categories- TV shows & movies. 
  • The viewers can very easily access whenever they want and can play them on the external players such as MX Player or VLC or in the in-built player. 
  • There is also an in-built search engine, where one can easily search for any series or movies whichever they want or like to see. 
  • There are wide ranges of options available for viewers for playing the content. 
  • User-friendly and neat application.
  • NOVA TV has a humongous library of TV shows and movies.
  • The viewers can easily do all the streaming in HD and no buffering is needed.


Benefits of NOVA TV

  • NOVA TV provides the complete solution to produce full interactivity between creative staff, high-quality shows, and news. 
  • Highly advanced and upgraded technology used in it.
  • Upgraded easily for more channels.
  • Provides improved quality of broadcasting.
  • The staffs are well trained for using the new technology which is installed.
  • There is complete transparency and no hidden cost is involved here.
  • There is full freedom in brand selection.
  • Each manufacturer and provider gives the best technology/
  • Has higher reactivity.
  • The trainees adopt new skills and ways of working.
  • The best innovative technology used in it through which it can easily compete in the market.
  • Technology installed in NOVA TV gives a lot of opportunities, to the creative team of a TV channel.
  • It brings advanced features and the NOVA TV launcher app is customized, versatile, and powerful.
  • It also has a built-in search engine, where viewers can find any series or movie that viewers want.
  • The viewers can easily access them whenever they want and play them on the in-built player or external players like MX Player or VLC.
  • Flexible and easy to use.
  • There is a wide range of options available for the viewers. 

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